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Tab Buddies

Tab Buddy Can Opener for Nails,Disability

Tab Buddy Can Opener for Nails,Disability

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 This fun and functional can tab opener helps adults and kids alike open their soda cans and other canned beverages! All Tab Buddy Classics include a keyring hole for easy portability.

. Great for: • Offering adaptive help for opening cans to anyone with hand weakness, shakiness, grip issues, or pain from arthritis or disabilities such as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, MS, and Parkinson’s • Opening cans with long nails to prevent them from breaking or chipping • Empowering kids who want to do everything by themselves to open cans before their little hands develop strength and coordination, or who struggle with their hands due to disorders such as autism • Providing relief to bartenders, flight attendants, and servers who suffer from repetitive stress on their joints

Assorted transluscent colors available. 

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