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Nontoxic Car Vent Clip with Essential Oil

Nontoxic Car Vent Clip with Essential Oil

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This Mini Non-toxic Car Air Freshener will keep your car smelling fresh and clean without any harmful chemicals. Made with essential oils and natural dried flowers this air freshener is gentle on your senses and the environment. THE DETAILS ↠ Approx. 6” x 3” ↠ Non-toxic: This air freshener is free from harmful chemicals and does not contain any carcinogans listed under CAR Prop 65. ↠ Made in-house in Lucca’s studio in the USA ↠ Add desired drops to the top of your flowers as needed. Oil has no shelf life expiration date. Oil formula provides contiuous fragrance for up to 2 months. Add this Non-Toxic Car Air Freshner to keep you refreshed every time you enter your car!

NOTE: Flower bouquets are made to order and colors may vary. Please contact us if you are particular about color combinations or to see what we currently have in stock

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