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Plume Exfoliating Shower Bomb

Plume Exfoliating Shower Bomb

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For all those out there who don't take baths, shower bombs are for you!  Now you can enjoy a spa-like experience in the shower.  Fizzing fragrance will fill your shower while a luxurious foam envelopes your body.  As the bomb foams, scoop some foam off, and wash all over your skin to feel the silky lather!   

As an added bonus, you will experience a light exfoliating feel from rubbing the bar directly on your skin.  You can choose to use the bomb in this manner or simply scoop the foam and use your hands to spread the silky smooth foam.

Tip:  You can use this foam to shave your legs for a silky experience!  

Please note: this is not the type of shower bomb that you set on  the floor for aromatherapy, it is meant to interact with your skin. 

When finished with the experience, set the bomb in a dry place to enjoy for more showers.  Depending on how much foam you enjoy per shower, one bomb will last for 4 or more showers.

Net weight:  3 oz

Scents available: stess relief (eucalyptus & spearmint), Honey and Oats, Hippie Chick (patchouli,vanilla,musk,unisex)

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