How to choose the perfect gift!

How to choose the perfect gift!

As a gift shop owner, I hear it every day "I need to find a gift for my xyz..." and then I get a blank stare as though I'm either psychic or have some 'one size fits all' gift that I'm hiding in the back.

To choose a gift, you must know something about the gift recipient. Even if they are a stranger, there are still a few things you will know to give you some direction, such as are they an adult or child? Man or woman? How do you know this person, etc.

Choosing a gift means thinking about the person who is receiving the gift. Think about their hobbies, their life's work, their recent adventures, their favorite color,or food or drink. There's so much you can clean from looking at a person's social media accounts. Is it full of funny memes? Then you should check out our snarky section. Are they on fire for the Lord? Then pick out something inspiring! All about their kids? That Mama needs pampering. 

When someone asks for help (or gives me the blank 'where do I start' look,I usually begin by asking 'who are you shopping for?'

Here's how a recent situation went down:

            My Mother in law,she already has everything,and wants nothing

I'm already thinking of a consumable gift, since this person doesn't  'need' anything,but I ask, "what are her hobbies?"

            She doesn't have any, she just likes watching tv

"Does she like salty or sweet snacks? A tea drinker?"

           Oh, she loves popcorn!

That's great! We carry a lot of popcorn accessories, along with Amish Popcorn in multiple styles. We also have personal microwave popcorn poppers that can be used with butter or oil or just air. We all kinds of sprinkle on seasonings, like dill pickle, ranch and fine salt. We even have caramel or cinnamon coating.

She used to make cinnamon balls, she would love that!

Thinking of a pleasant memory that you share with the gift recipient can help inspire a gift too. 

I go on an annual summer trip with my daughters. It's the highlight of our year and many gifts I give throughout the year will point to that happy place. I currently have 'vacation' scented candles that will go into their stockings at Christmas.

Maybe you don't know much about the person, but you know about the situation

here are some 'generic', (although still great!) ideas 

'Generic' gifts that everyone loves (adult version)

Luxury self care items, shower bombs are a favorite because not everyone likes to take a bath

Candle in a beautiful vessel, bakery scents are universally loved

Gourmet caramel sauce and ice cream pint holder

Framed photo in a beautiful frame

Fancy pens or pencils and a case to keep them in

Luxury slippers or socks

BBQ sauces and spices

Yellow & Co. gift card in one of our funny Blue Q pouches

Gifts that everyone loves 'kids' version'

A super soft, plush Jellycat Amusable like the avocado,pizza slice or burger

Scented marker set

Initial keychain and coin pouch

Fidget toy or ring

Luxury candy bar like our Seattle Chocolates Pop Rocks Chocolate Bar, or Sugarfina Marshmallow Cereal Chocolate Bar

Gummy kebab

On the go game in a tin 

Coloring or Activity Book


Other ideas to help you choose the perfect gift

What is their favorite pop culture icon? (a mug, notepad, magnet, tea towel or coloring book featuring that person or tv show)

What is their Favorite color? Outdoor Activity? Scent? Animal? Flavor? Scent? Vacation destination? Season?

What are they lacking?

Sure,everyone has enough 'stuff', but thinking of what they lack will help inspire a great gift.

Free time?(a journal, puzzle or game, organizational item)

Creativity?(fun pens/pencils/sketch book/art kit)

Sleep? (sleep honey, eye pillows, essential oil rollerball, shower steamer, sleepy tea)

Time with partner? Sexy game or book, 1000 piece puzzle, Newlywed Cookbook


Be Pun-ny

Still at a loss?

Think of a cute pun you can create with a product, such as 'you're such a peach' and pair with peach scented therapy dough, or a peach shaped bath bomb.

Make sure you reference your pun on the enclosed card!













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